Investing In New-Age Businesses: Perspectives From Indian Family Offices

by Benjamin L. Landry
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The first ever Indian family office (family office is a private investment company with a strong focus on the client’s overall financial well-being) is set to be established by a leading Hyderabad-based conglomerate, which is not only based in India but also across Asia. The company wants to provide family offices similar services to those offered by professional advisors, including wealth management and business growth assistance.

Indian Family Offices

What are Family Businesses?

Businesses conducted by families are often characterized as being “new-age” businesses. What is the definition of a new-age business, and what makes them different from traditional businesses?

A new-age business is typically decentralized and personalized and involves a high degree of interactivity between customers and employees. These businesses often emphasize environmental consciousness and sustainable practices, which make them different from traditional companies. For example, a new-age company might sell organic produce or use recycled materials in its manufacturing process.

Family businesses are often seen as new-age enterprises because they are typically run by people familiar with their products or services. In contrast, many traditional businesses are operated by professionals who know little about their products or services. This difference can lead to problems if customers have questions about the quality or safety of a new-age business’ products.

Another distinguishing feature of new-age businesses is their focus on customer satisfaction. Whereas most companies aim to generate profits for their owners, new-age enterprises seek to provide value to their customers. This approach can lead to unique and innovative products and faster turnaround times on orders.

Do Family Businesses have a bright future?

As the economy slowly improves in the United States, more entrepreneurs are starting their businesses. This has caused an increase in new-age businesses, which is good news for family offices that invest in these businesses. Here are three reasons why family offices should invest in new-age businesses:

1) New-age businesses often have a higher potential for growth than traditional businesses.
2) These businesses often have unique selling points that make them stand out from the competition.
3) Family offices can help support these businesses by providing capital and other resources.

Why is investing in family businesses so important?

Family businesses are often seen as more stable and secure than individuals. They are also usually more innovative and creative, not constrained by traditional business models.
IThe internet and mobile technology growth has made it easier for family offices to access new opportunities. In addition, these days, family businesses can tap into the global market with ease. It makes sense for Indian family offices to invest in new-age companies.

What types of businesses should you buy into?

When it comes to investing, it can be tempting to buy into traditional businesses like corporations and stocks. However, other types of companies could be good investments for you. Here are four new-age companies that may be a good fit for you:

  1. Start your own online business: This is a great option if you have some idea or product you’d like to sell. There are many online platforms available that make starting an online business easy. Plus, with internet marketing, you can reach a large audience without spending much on advertising.
  2. Invest in a start-up: A start-up is a company that is just starting with many potential. Start-ups often have high growth potential because they’re new and haven’t been through the growing pains that more established companies have had. If you’re patient enough, start-ups could eventually become very profitable investments.
  3. Invest in a business with high growth potential: A company with high growth potential can grow rapidly in revenue and profits. This type of business is usually a risk.

What are some success stories that helped the Hindu family office grow?

Success stories from Indian family offices that have invested in new-age businesses can provide valuable insights for other family offices considering similar investments. Here are three such successes:

1) A Hindu family office invested in a new wellness center and quickly became successful. The center offers yoga, meditation classes, and health and beauty treatments. The investment has paid off, with the wellness center now generating healthy profits.

2) Another Hindu family office invested in a start-up that makes solar lamps. Initially, the business struggled to gain traction, but with continued investment and strong marketing efforts, the company has become successful. The lights are sold online and in local stores, providing an additional source of income for the family office investors.

3) A third Hindu family office invested in a start-up that provides home cleaning services. The company quickly became popular and now generates significant profits. This success story demonstrates how investing in new-age businesses can be profitable for family offices.


In conclusion, there are great opportunities for investment in new-age businesses in India. This is because there is a growing demand for products and services that cater to consumers’ spiritual and holistic needs. Furthermore, businesses in this sector are often innovators, so they constantly develop new ways to attract customers.

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